The Hidden Gem of Half Price Books: Gallery

One of the most interesting things I learned through my research of Half Price Books is that all their bookshelves are hand made. That's right, in over 120 bookstores across the United States, each Half Price Books store has handmade bookshelves made by the booksellers of the company. This is all apart of the green initiative because they use recycled wood for the shelving units. You can read more about it here

Handmade bookshelves at Half Price Books

I always find my eyes roaming around the decor of a bookstore. From the decor alone, I feel as though there are certain vibes you can tell about whether a bookstore is going to make or break it in the topmost entertaining places. Some bookstores are dreary and closed off but I think Half Price Books does a great job of being mysterious with these unique posters. The posters almost remind me of the old 90s mass market paperback novels, which is why I subsequently loved them!

One of the many unique posters hanging from the ceiling at Half Price Books.

One of the biggest things I witnessed at Half Price Books was a large amount of chairs scattered around the store. People sat in these chairs and read for hours. When I went, there weren't a lot of people around sitting in the chairs so it really gave off this aura of mystery and solitude. I think it's interesting for Half Price Books to do this because readers are then able to get lost in a book, and more literally the bookshelves.

A solitary chair among the bookshelves at Half Price Books.

A lone typewriter on top of a bookshelf.

Building sculpture from World Literature section.

I found it rather peculiar the way Half Price Books decorated their space. While many areas were organized by genre, books, comics etc. the tops of the shelves had the weirdest items. I found a lone typer writer; which spoke to my inner writer because writing can be a very isolating activity.  It seemed so antique and chic in contrast with the video games and comic books it was placed next to.


Another addition I really liked was this unique Russian-esque sculpture that was placed on the top of the world literature section of Half Price Books shelves. It gave the room a whimsical flare. It was almost as if with each section of the bookstore, the tops of the shelves were decorated to match the books underneath.

Reading in the maze of bookshelves. 

One of my favorite parts in Half Priced Books was how homey the bookstore felt. There was free coffee, chairs scattered around for sitting, and tons of little nooks where you can go and read. I spent a good thirty minutes on the floor cozied up in a corner reading this book. 

Comic book pencil pouch; available for sale at Half Price Books.

Barack Obama sticky note pad; available for sale at Half Price Books.

A marketing point for Half Price Books is that it's versatile to the public. I got to see each part of whom the bookstore tries to attracts. They offer unique pencil pouches in your favorite comic book heroes. The funniest item I saw while shopping was the Barack Obama stick note that had hanging up in the history section of the bookstore.

A majority of people are too intimidated or unimpressed with the idea of going to a bookstore. I feel as though bookstores hold a variety of secrets that you can learn about yourself. Every book is different and unique and can show you something different about yourself that you never knew.

Donna Tartt's Secret History. Pictured: my friend Sophie reaching for a book.

Many people don't know about the wide photography opportunities available in a bookstore. I managed to take a few of my friends the day we went to Half Price Books together. We optioned for the three-third photography technique because it seemed to create depth within the image.

Photograph of Sophie browsing the shelves. 

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